The industry's best document signing
and exchange solution.

Excubia is an ESIGN-compliant document exchange, signing and chat platform tailored to the specific needs of financial institutions. Excubia isn't a generic application adapted to your institutions; from the ground up, it's been built for your specific needs.


Our Products

Excubia Exchange
As our core product, Exchange provides a flexible, adaptive platform for ESIGN-compliant document delivery and exchange with users anywhere in the world.
Excubia Signature
Signature provides a flexible and secure document signing capability to allow your organization to obtain legally-binding signatures for all types of documents.
Excubia Chat
Chat fully integrates with our Exchange platform and offers the ability to create discussion threads and securely comment on all types of uploaded documents.
Excubia Formbuilder
Formbuilder provides extensive functionality for creating and publishing customizable web forms to allow your organization to collect, track, manage and analyze customers data.
Excubia Applications
Applications allows you to publish applications for your products via our secure online platform that can be conveniently completed anytime, anywhere.

Excubia Anywhere

Laptops, Phones, Tablets....Phablets. If it has Internet, it can use Excubia.
In addition to support for all common browsers, we offer dedicated, fully-featured apps for Apple and Android.
Excubia works for you.....not against you.
The benefits of Excubia are innumerable, but here's just a few for your consideration.

Lower Costs

As the lending process becomes more complex, printing and mailing costs are only increasing. In addition to the time your personnel invest in this process, the hard costs of doing business are on the rise. Move to an electronic platform to simplify your workflow and reduce operating costs.

Increase Efficiency

Physical mail not only costs more, but it takes longer! Electronic delivery of key disclosures and digital document signing can speed up your closing cycle and save your personnel valuable time. Excubia's feedback system also provides you with valuable intel with respect to your client's exact status.

Improve Outreach

Meet your customers on their terms. We know your customers don't want to receive mountains of paperwork and mail from you. Through Excubia, everything your customers need to read and sign is available at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and anywhere in the world.

The Millennials have arrived and they're open for business!

60,000,000 - Largest generation in US history.

of the Millennials think their bank offered anything different than a competing bank.

of Millennials don’t think that their bank communicates to them through their preferred communication channels.

of Millennials consider their banking relationship to be transactional rather than relationship-driven.

of at-large consumers say loyalty to their financial institution is unimportant, a figure that has been increasing for a decade.

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