Excubia: A brief history BY Bryan Reaves, CTO

Our history began in the aftermath of the Dodd-Frank Act. As banking professionals, we recognized the Act’s transformative effect on the financial industry. We knew the TRID requirements related to provision of a pre-closing variant of the Closing Disclosure would be a challenge for many organizations. We were also very familiar with the everyday challenges of obtaining routine underwriting information, like financial statements or various business records, from your customers in a timely manner. In conjunction with changes emerging changes in demographics and technology, we believed that the way in which customers interact with financial institutions would begin to encounter significant evolutions. With this perspective in mind, we began to sketch out a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for the needs of the banking industry in order to meet these new challenges.

After several years of prototyping and development, we’re proud to offer a new solution to the banking industry: Excubia Exchange. In addition to the rollout of our core platform, we’re also excited to be able to offer two modules developed in parallel with this system, Chat and Signature. Between the functionality offered through Exchange, Chat, and Signature, in addition to the exciting modules presently in development, we’re absolutely confident we can deliver unparalleled value and efficiency to your institution. Although the work of development is never done, we’re excited to complete this first stage in our journey and to offer you a product we believe in!

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