Is Excubia something I can install in-house or is it hosted?

Excubia is presently offered exclusively in a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) format, meaning it is a hosted solution. If your requirements necessitate an in-house installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and explore solutions available to you.

What’s the price?

We’d like to know more about you before we answer that question! Our price for Excubia is determined based on a combination of licensing and hosting costs and our quotes are customized for your institution. We can tell you that our pricing is straightforward and we don’t include any gimmicks such as gated pricing based on number of enrolled users, number of documents, and so forth. The only caveat in our pricing format is a storage surcharge that may apply after exceeding the generous base allowance provided in your contract.

Is there a live demo I can access?

Certainly, we have an on-demand video demo that you can view at any time by completing the Watch Demo form, but we’re always happy to setup a live demo for you or provide access to a demo site so that you can get a hands-on evaluation of our platform.

I’m interested in Excubia Chat or Excubia Signature – can I purchase this module alone?

No, the Chat and Signature modules are components of the Excubia Exchange platform. Exchange can be purchased without the Chat or Signature modules, but the modules both require Exchange to be installed.

Does Excubia work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. Excubia’s primary browser-based interface uses adaptive scaling to automatically adjust to the size of the browser used to view the system. In addition, Excubia has mobile apps for both Apple and Android. In addition, users experience ZERO loss of functionality when using either a mobile browser or dedicated mobile app to access Excubia.

What documents can be uploaded or signed in Excubia?

Virtually all common document formats can be uploaded to Excubia. Excubia Signature presently supports signing for PDF documents, but we’re exploring expanding that functionality to other common formats as well.

Can you explain the difference between documents, requests, and internal files in your system?

It’s very straightforward – documents are files that you send to the customer, requests are files/information you’re asking the customer to send to you, and internal files are a repository for records you want to use only internally (e.g. loan memo, cash flow analysis, etc). Documents can also have signatures applied to them via the optional Signature module.

How do my users keep up to date with changes in Excubia? How will I know when a customer does something?

Excubia has a robust notifications systems – each user can choose to enable or disable immediate or daily summary notifications for a wide range of events in Excubia. In addition, your dashboard widgets contain information about recent events in Excubia. Finally, Excubia’s robust logging system keeps track of all system changes for you.

Can multiple users sign a document if I have the Signatures module?

Yes, an unlimited number of users can sign a single document in Excubia. Each user is required to have a dedicated user account in order to maintain the integrity of the signing process. A document is not finalized until all users have entered their signatures.

Are there any limits to the number of enrolled customers or employees in the system?

No, there will never be any limits to the number of customers or employees you can enroll in Excubia.

XYZ product charges per signature, per document, per envelope – does Excubia Signature have per item pricing?

No, you will never be charged per action or per item by Excubia.

Where are you located?

Our home offices are located in southwestern Missouri, which is the home of a number of other great companies, including Jack Henry & Associates, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Bass Pro Shops.

What type of support do you offer?

Supporting our product is one of our top priorities. All support personnel are based in the United States and we guarantee that you won’t have any difficulty reaching live customer support when you require it!

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