Excubia Applications

Finding time to work on an application can be a chore! With Excubia, you can start on an application on your laptop at 6 am, and finish it on your iPhone at midnight.
Product Overview
Excubia Applications is a cloud-based loan application module that expands on the capabilities of our Exchange system.
The Applications module expands on Excubia Exchange to bring versatile and fully customizable online application functionality to your customers. With applications, you can create, publish, and accept a diverse array of application forms.
Customizable Forms

Application forms are fully-customizable using Excubia Formbuilder, which provides significant create control over application design and content. We also offer pre-designed applications designed to prepopulate industry-standard forms like the FNMA 1003 Uniform Residential Loan Application.

Multi-applicant Support

Applications supports a theoretically unlimited number of joint applicants on your credit applications. While one applicant must start the application process, he or she can invite any number of additional applicants to sign the application.

Process Continuity

Applications is integrated into Excubia Exchange and fully supports the ESIGN-compliant delivery of preliminary disclosures or documents, as well as Exchange's chat and request tracking features, which are supportable throughout the application lifecycle.

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