Excubia Chat

Sometimes our aspirations exceed our finances and we need a little help from a financial institution. Excubia Chat streamlines communications so that questions from your customers can be quickly resolved by any member of your team.
Product Overview
Excubia Chat is a cloud-based messaging module that expands on the capabilities of our Exchange system.
Chat provides a simple, instant messaging interface to enable online, secure discussions between your customers and employees through Excubia Exchange. Chats can be started in connection with specific documents or requests, or you can start a generic chat with as many users as you desire.

All messages sent via Chat will NEVER leave your server, which significantly improves on the security of the information sent through our application when compared to e-mail.


Excubia Chat supports an unlimited number of discussion threads for each user to allow for easy sorting of messages based on participants and topic.


Chat has been designed to hybridize the best elements of a forum and an instant messenger. In addition, you can quickly send documents and receive documents via Chat.

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