Excubia Formbuilder

Collect financial information, inventory data, or agricultural records while your customers are on the go using dynamic web forms, which are also save-able as digitally signed PDF documents.
Product Overview
Excubia Formbuilder is a cloud-based form builder module that expands on the capabilities of our Exchange system.
Excubia Formbuilder is a powerful expansion of Excubia Exchange which adds extensive functionality for creating and publishing online forms to support credit or account applications and collect financial information or other data such as commercial or agricultural records.
Drag & Drop Interface

Choose from over 15 predefined form elements and apply them to your form using a simple drag & drop interface. Form elements can be group, color-coded, and further customized using our simple form controls.

Calculation Support

With assistance from Excubia Support, we can help you create forms with complex linked tables to automatically tabulate column or row totals or to calculate performance metrics like debt-to-income or debt service coverage ratios.

Digitally-signed PDFs

All web forms created using Excubia Formbuilder can be digitally signed using Excubia Signatures and converted into PDF format for permanent storage.

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