Excubia Signature

Buying a new home is stressful, but with Excubia Signatures you can simplify this process by enabling your customers to sign disclosures, notes, or other documents from anywhere in the world.
Product Overview
Excubia Signature is a cloud-based document signing module that expands on the capabilities of our Exchange system.
Signature provides a simple, intuitive interface for applying signature, initial, date, and other fields to electronic documents, which can be viewed and signed by your customers from any device.
Electronic Signatures
With Excubia Signature, you can apply legally-binding electronic signatures, initials, and other fields to documents uploaded through Excubia Exchange. Utilizing a simple drag and drop interface, any file can be tagged with an unlimited number of fields for which a signature is required. Customers can view these files immediately and apply a hand-drawn or typed signature to your document.

Our browser-based signing solution supports a wide array of signing devices both through our browser application and our mobile apps. Users can sign using any device from any location in the world!


Applying fields for signature, initials, date, or text input is easy with our intuitive drag and drop interface.


Do you need signatures from all five members of an LLC on one document? Not a problem! Excubia Signature supports adding an unlimited number of signers to each document by using the unique ‘relationships’ feature built into Excubia Exchange.

In addition to our support for the ESIGN Act, Excubia Signature is also compliant with the requirements of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) as codified by the NCCUSL. The UETA has been adopted by 47 states (excluding Illinois, Washington, and New York) and provides a broad framework for acceptance of legally-binding electronic signatures.
Adobe AATL
Excubia Signature incorporates document certification through Adobe’s Approved Trust List (AATL) certification program. In simple terms, Adobe AATL enables us to embed a security certificate in every signed file that is broadly supported by all current versions of Adobe Reader. This certificate enables any user to determine (1) when the document was signed via an embedded timestamp and (2) if the document was modified in any way after creation.
To complement our powerful core suite of solutions, Excubia also offers a flexible mobile interface optimized for accessing our platform via common mobile browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, Silk, or Firefox. In addition, we also offer branded Apps for Android and Apple.
Automated Notifications
Excubia features an array of customizable e-mail and SMS text message notifications to ensure your users are fully informed of all events occurring in Excubia.
Signer Guidance
Excubia’s browser-based inline file and signature interface features a user-friendly signing guide to help your signers find and complete all required signatures and content fields.
Document Comments
Excubia features document-level commenting system to allow your users and clients to discuss uploaded files or exchange new files.
Draw or Type Signatures
Signatures can be drawn using a mouse, touchpad, or fingertip or a signature can be typed using one of six preconfigured fonts.
Reporting and Status Tracking
Excubia includes a robust reporting and status tracking system to ensure your users can easily monitor the status of documents with signatures.
Audit Trail
All events in Excubia are captured in a robust logging system to ensure the entire workflow is captured and retained.

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