On-site or Web Training

User training and orientation on any new system can be a challenge; therefore, we offer a range of on-site and remote training options to get your users up to speed as soon as possible!

All training activities are performed by experienced Excubia users and training offerings can be customized to suit your specific needs. We also offer one-on-one training for administrators or power users to ensure your system is utilized to the greatest extent possible.

Full Setup by our Specialists

We understand that any new deployments can strain your resources, so we offer a setup service to help alleviate that burden. Our implementation specialists can assist your administrator in setting up DNS and certificate information as well as all necessary roles, tags, and system categories necessary to get you up and running. Setup offerings include:

  • Web deployment and DNS setup
  • Configuration of system permissions
  • Notification customizations

Intranet Support

To ensure your users have access to the support they need, Excubia is deployed with a rich library of support resources available through a closed intranet accessible only to authenticated system users. These resources are customized for each type of user enrolled in the system.

  • Tiered support pages for each role
  • Video content for core functions
  • Common system support FAQs

System Customization

As a part of you system deployment, we offer the ability to customize all logos and system verbiage to ensure the system is identified as an asset of YOUR organization by your customer base. No 3rd party branding will be viewable by your users.

In the event you wish to further customize the look and feel of the Excubia platform, we also offer customization services to allow you to configure a unique color scheme and system identity beyond that provided through the base installation package.

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